Tell your love story

Your love story is like nothing else in the world. It’s unique, special to the two of you, and an exclusive story worth capturing. From the first time your eyes met, to the day the two of you become one, the journey leading to your wedding is one that’s never happened in this way before. It’s an incredible thing to be a part of, even if it is simply for a day or so as your custom  photographer. We’re storytellers, so we love to hear every exceptional detail of your love story, almost as much as we love capturing it. It’s my passion to take pictures that are a reflection of you, and what your relationship truly is. Especially all of the many subtle but real moments of the day leading up to the I do’s.

Whether your wedding is an epic event here in the triangle, or a gorgeous adventure held at a stunning destination, we can personalize the experience for you and make sure you have that personal touch during your day and on through to the delivery of your beautiful images.

That’s the job of the wedding photographer in a nutshell. We give you the personal touch as we capture all the special moments of laughter, teasing, nervous jitters, and the big smiles you give your spouse-about-to-be when you see them dressed up in their finest just for you.  And you have the photos forever to help you remember every single luxurious detail.