What are your payment options?

For weddings, we require 50% down and 50% a week before the event.  For all other photos (headshots, family, and business branding), we require payment in full before booking a photo session.  We accept cash, personal checks and Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.   For more information please see our cancellation policy below and check out our investment page.

Cancellation Policy

Your photography session means a lot to me.  I want to get you  plenty of high-quality images.  To do this, I reserve the space for you and often do some preparation and setup ahead of time .  When someone cancels at the last minute, there is often no way to find another client to fill that time slot, which greatly affects my week.

I typically work rain or shine, so if you are not willing to be photographed in rain, snow or other various elements, please proactively cancel your session 24 hours prior  to your scheduled shoot. Failure to cancel will be taken as a willingness to be photographed in these elements (and truthfully – oftentimes yields really amazing shots!)   In the case that the weather is truly dangerous (lightning storms, blizzards, hurricanes, etc.) – I will reach out to allow you to either reschedule or cancel the session free of charge.

If you are more than 15 minutes late to your session,  we will cancel your session but you will still be responsible for 50% of your session fee.

Any client that cancels their photography session for any reason with less than a 24 hour notice must pay a 50% cancellation fee.  The cancellation fee is based on the REGULAR, price.  If the session was to be at a special rate, the cancellation fee will be based on the original rate as shown on the website.   Additionally, client will be responsible for any additional fees incurred such as travel fees, equipment rentals or purchase, site fees, etc).  

This cancellation policy applies to all photography sessions.  Weddings may be quoted additional stipulations in a signed contract.

I don't know how to pose!

Guess what?  This is one of the most common worries we hear from our clients!  Once we start working, I will direct you and tell you exactly what to do - where to sit or stand, how to position your arms - everything.  So you can just relax and not have to think about a thing except having fun at your shoot!

Will my photos be retouched?

To us, editing and retouching are two different things.   We do NOT send you proofs.  All photos you will receive in your gallery will have had complete editing, for things like brightening, cropping, white balancing, straightening, etc.  

Retouching, on the other hand, would be things like removing a blemish, smoothing skin or a stray hair, removing a street sign behind your head.  Your package will include a certain amount of photos to be retouched.  You can always add additional retouching at additional charges.

But because retouching can be time-consuming (and therefore expensive to you), we suggest making sure that everything is photo-ready before your shoot.

I didn't have time for a manicure. Can you photoshop that afterward?

While Photoshop can work wonders, it can take hours to do what look like simple edits.  A better way to approach your photos is to make sure you, your hair, makeup, nails, and wardrobe all look just like you want when you arrive.

If you really want something changed afterward, we can often do some of that fine detail work.  However, major retouching is not included in your package and will mean  extra fees.  (See the Editing and Retouching tab).

I'm very natural; do I really need makeup and hair done before a shoot?

When having professional photos taken you want to look authentic, confident, and beautiful. A key way to feel comfortable in front of the camera is to know you look like yourself, but also that you look flawless.

Maybe you are a natural beauty and never wear makeup.  Or maybe you may know great tips and techniques for your everyday makeup application already.  But makeup for the camera is very different. It actually requires more makeup and coverage than one would think to look “natural” on camera.  A professional makeup artist will know how to best accentuate your features and what products/finishes you need in order to be camera ready.  

Men, we are talking to you, too!  A little concealer or powder can make quite a difference!

Makeup is also important because of retouching.  Your package will include a certain number of photos being retouched.  I have seen all too many times that people are unhappy with photos only because they feel they look washed out.  We can correct some of this through editing, but it is time-consuming and will cost you a lot extra if you choose many photos.  Just spend  the extra time and money on a hair and makeup session!

I was hoping my photos would be more (moody/bright/warm). Can you edit them so they look that way?

I do hope to make you happy with your photos.  That being said, we highly suggest that before hiring us or any photographer you look at their galleries to see if you like their style.   It isn't always possible to duplicate a look you want.  And even if it is, it will often take a LOT of extra time to edit in a style we are not used to.

I really hate my (cellulite/tummy/arms, fill in the blank) and am worried it will ruin my pictures

You absolutely do NOT need to look like a model, and we can work around anything about your appearance that you’re uncomfortable with. If you have something specific that you’re self conscious about, (as well as anything about your body that you LOVE and want to focus on!) let’s chat about it so I can be aware of it as I shoot.  Often, the angles we shoot from will make you happy with your body!

Can I order prints?

Yes.  When you get your gallery, you will get all the information on how to order from our high quality lab or your own processing center.

Can I put my favorite filter on the photo?

Your photos are for your personal use and the rights to the photos do not include any commercial usage.  We can give you a photo release for various purposes upon request.

We also do not allow our photos to be altered in any way.  Yes, these photos were created of and for you - but they are also part of our brand and we aim for consistency in the images.  As we stated above, we hope you chose us because you like the style photos we produce.  If you like a particular filter, it's best to find a photographer that shoots similar to that style. 

That being said, we will try to make edits that you request if we are able to.   Want it brighter?  Skin smoother?  That's why your package includes some edits!  The more detailed about what you are looking for, the more likely we are to be able to help you.

Data Privacy

We take your privacy seriously.  To read our entire privacy policy,  click here.